Burst Water Pipes & Mains

Burst water pipes are one of the most common issues faced by the clients of Twin Plumbing. Burst pipes and burst geysers can be an unpleasant experience, it is neither the cost of the repair nor the loss of water that affects many households but rather the sheer cost of the damage water can do to your personal belongings or entire piping system. Our qualified specialists will take preventative measures to only excavate when needed, locate the leak through high technological leak detection equipment and always use SABS approved fittings to repair your broken pipes. For leading residential plumbing services get in touch with us today.

In many instances, our technicians will save you vast amounts of money by conducting sectional repairs on burst piping. However, certain circumstances require that we may need to replace your entire water main to prevent similar future occurrences. When signs of bad corrosion are present in certain areas, it is cost effective to rather replace the water main to save you future headaches and unexpected costs. Our technicians will attend to any emergency that you may encounter under any circumstances. Our technicians are fully equipped and on call 24 hours a day for all your emergency plumbing needs.

Bursting Water Pipes
Bursting water pipe

The devastating effects caused by bursting water pipes from blocked drains and other causes have the potential for large amounts of water loss. Our highly experienced technicians estimate this to be around 400 litres an hour on average, which results in an astonishing 9600 litres over 24 hours. Over a period of 4 days, this may result in a shocking 38 400 litres of water waste and tremendous costs to you our client.

Having your trusted plumber on call is the right decision; we’ll save you large amounts of money by developing a fast, effective and affordable solution catered to your needs. Contact us today for any 24 hour plumbing emergency – 063 644 8309.

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Factors Causing Water Pipes To Burst

The reasoning behind why burst water pipes commonly occur has various instances both ranging from residential to commercial faults.

  • Damage & misuse
  • Incorrect Installation & Repairs
  • Freezing Conditions
  • Larger Than Normal Water Pressure
  • Old Components & Deteriorating Sectional Pieces Cause Burst Pipes
  • Unapproved Materials & Components (SABS approved)

Recommendations For Dealing With A Burst Water Pipe

  • Turn off your main electrics on your distribution board immediately to avoid further damage to your property and belongings.
  • Switch off the main water supply to your home or apartment. This is found outside your household in many instances.
  • Drain your system and water pipes by turning on all your cold taps throughout your home and in addition flush your toilet to release all excess liquid.
  • Take preventative measures to ensure no further damage is caused: This includes capturing all excess dripping liquid and punching holes with a sharp device in your roof to release pressure caused by water accumulation.
  • Contact Twin Plumbing Immediately for an affordable solution to any burst water pipe!
Bursting pipes

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