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At Twin Plumbing we understand that a malfunctioning or burst geyser can be of serious concern and result in major damages to your belongings, property and also your entire plumbing system. We take pride in supplying emergency 24 hour plumber services with no additional charge for after-hour call outs. By placing our clients first we ensure that you shall not suffer from large unexpected costs brought upon by incorrect installation, faulty equipment or blocked drain backlog. That is why it is essential to only allow qualified and registered plumbers to conduct various burst geyser maintenance, installations and repairs.

Through the many years of experience within the residential plumbing industry, Twin Plumbing takes pride in undertaking all installations and maintenance under strict accordance with the following regulations: SANS 198, SANS 10252-1, SANS 10254, SANS 10106, SANS 151 and SANS 60335-2-21. These standards aim to cover all aspects of geyser safety, to ultimately ensure that you our trusted client never has to deal with the unexpected occurrence of burst geysers or bursting pipes.

Burst geyser repair
Burst Geyser

Twin plumbing supplies all forms of geysers, these range from 50, 100, 150 and 200 litre components for residential use. In many instances a bursting geyser can result from constant power outages, malfunctioning equipment, incorrect installation and lack of plumbing maintenance. Our technicians’ advise to you as our trusted customer: It is recommended that the geyser power switch is not turned off on a constant basis as the various pipe elements expand and contract due to the emergence of hot and cold water at various stages. In addition bursting geysers may also occur if the thermostat or valves on your geyser are faulty. Therefore resulting in the above process of expansion and contraction within your pipes which can be very dangerous for the occupants of any household.

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Factors Causing Geysers To Burst

Burst or leaking geysers are common problems faced by many households due to the lack of maintenance and incorrect installation methods.

  • Increase In Pressure
  • Growth Of Corrosion
  • Failure of Thermostat
  • Vacuum Collapse
  • No Maintenance
  • Increase In Temperature
  • Use Of Inferior Materials
  • Geyser Contraction
  • Geyser Expansion
  • Old Geyser Pressure Vessel

What To Do In The Effect Of Your Geyser Bursting

  • Switch off the water supply to your home or apartment at the main water box. The tap should generally be placed outside your home whereby various other pipes are connected.
  • Immediately switch off the power to the burst geyser at your main distribution board or electrical box.
  • Determine by visual inspection whether the geyser, pressure valve or any pipes are leaking. Thereafter contact your insurance company or landlord for further advice.
  • It is essential in the event that your geyser may burst to remove all important property and belongings from the room as potential water leakage may occur and damage your goods.
  • Finally call your trusted Twin Plumbing technicians that are on call 24 hours a day to deal with your old or malfunctioning equipment, affordable and swiftly.
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