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As a consumer when looking for a plumber in Midrand, there is a multitude of things you need to be sure about when selecting a plumbing company. We are the best Midrand plumbing provider, we’ve always prided ourselves on being more than just a business, we are a family for our customers to rely on.

Let us give you some tips that have helped us become the #1 Midrand plumbing firm; start by getting in touch with one of our agents via the contact us page whereby they will guide you through a 5-10 minute conversation about what you need and if it is a project we are able to complete. The agent will map out a rough plan for you and we can get started, what is there to lose?

Why Plumbers Midrand?

We offer a variety of different plumbing services from blocked drains to burst geysers, we literally do it all. We guarantee our clients 100% satisfaction guaranteed with our Midrand plumbers services.

When dealing with plumbers in Midrand you will require an expert on the job to oversee the building and repair processes of our service offerings. Without an expert, you can find yourself in trouble very quickly as there are always complications and safety concerns when dealing with plumbing and you need someone to ensure nothing goes wrong.

We understand how frustrating it is with a blocked drain or a leaking pipe waiting for a plumber to arrive at your locations. The problem is the plumber in Midrand will take 2 days to fix your problem. With Twin Plumbing we ensure that after receiving your call our guys will be on site within the hour.

Cost Effective

When comparing our company with other plumbers that offer the same services, Twin Plumbing comes out ahead in terms of time and cost. For example, you may be quoted R3500 for your geyser to be replaced and it will take 4 days. With us, the price is lower and the turnaround time is quicker.

The materials used by our Midrand plumbers range from piping to drain unblockers, all our materials and tools are SAB approved and more cost-effective than other plumbers in Midrand.

Overall there are so many questions to ask when looking for a plumbing provider in Pretoria. The only way to find out is to follow our simple tips and our blog guides. Contact us on –063 644 8309 for more info.

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When The Drain Is Blocking

Plumbers In Midrand

There are a variety of solutions and problems when unclogging a blocked drain. Depending on where the drain is situated in your house we use different solutions. Here are some examples;

  • Kitchen Drains
  • Bathroom Drains
  • Toilets
  • Drain Maintenance and Repair

Blocked drains can cause serious health and safety issues within your household as certain diseases and bacteria are bred in stagnant dirty water. Do not hesitate today to get it cleaned.

Twin Plumbing specialises in non-destructive forms of leak detection to ensure your home and property are safe. South African’s waste thousands on leaking water every year, don’t be another statistic with our services;

  • Water Heating Systems
  • Taps, Toilets & Faucets
  • Concealed Pipes
  • Low Water Pressure Systems

Many leaks go undetected for a multitude of years because they are undetectable to the untrained eye. Do not fear cause Twin Plumbing has the solution.

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